Every Saturday around 4 pm live music on our lawn

in bunker/ parties/ activities:

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June 15, DramtuneTabass-co , whiskey tasting, dinner, live music and d.j.'s from 6PM onwards

Quatorze Juillet en La Haye, July 12, 13 en 14, Claudine et Edith diner 18.00 hours: French Cuisine r.s.v.p. alles@dewaterkant.nl


Bunker 2019 curated by Dewi de Vree

Bunkerexhibition #37, Kacper Ziemianin -Thursday, 4th of July opening 17.00 hours -till July 21- with performance by Dewi de Vree

Bunkerexhibition #38, Daniel Maalman & graduate KABK 2019 -Friday 26th of July, opening 17.00 hours -till August 18- lecture by art historian Michael van Hoogenhuyze


Previous Activities:


Bunker 2018 curated by Dalida Georgiou-Achmet & Barend Blom:

Bunkerexpositie #36, Hilke Walraven & our choice KABK graduate 2018, Brigitte Louter, opening by Burger Service

Bunkerexpositie #35, Emily Huurdeman, opening by Marc Alberto

Videoprogram, Anita HorvàthJoyce Overheul en Nuni Weisz,

Bunkerexpositie #34, Luuk Schröder,

events: BunkerdagDramtuneNoam Bar, Season opening door Femke Japing the best singer songwriter of NL!, Rise and Shine van Sara NuytemansBunkermovienight, Hertog Jan, Catherine Mooreland, e.a..& party with Tabass-co,


Bunkerexhibition #33, Jan Kees van Kampen -our choice from 2017 graduates of the KABK-

Bunkerexhibition #32, Krista van der Wilk

Bunkerexhibition #31, Adriaan Luteijn

Pop-Up Cinema, The Hague - short film programs in Bunker

events: Bunkerdag, Vinyasa yoga met Jaimy, Eastern Brunch, Calligrafic workshop, musicians o.a. Tweespalt, Lubna, Ms Florentine, Marcio Philomena, Rebecca Ruiz Hoyo & Dramtune whisky tasting and music night.


Bunkerexhibition #30: Dinu Comendant -our choice from 2016 graduates of the KABK -Royal Academy of Art The Hague-

Bunkerexhibition #29, Nicky Assmann en Joris Strijbos

Bunkerexhibition #28, Panagiotis Tomaras

Bunkerexhibition #27, Merijn Koelink

events: Dramtune whisky tasting and music nights, Haagse Parkpracht van Lonneke van Leth


Bunkerexhibition #26, THE DAWN CHORUS by Nishiko & Marieke van't Zet

Bunker exhibition #25,  i.c.w. Maris College/Technasium, 'the ferryproject' & Kraft durch Klang by  Geert-Jan Hobijn and Radboud Mens = Staalplaat Soundsystem

events: TUPPERWARE PARTY, host: Marja van Katendrecht/ Bunkerday, on show Bunker Window by Juan Manuel Giraldo/ Dramtune whisky tasting and music night by Sandro Bruti/  Opening season on King's Day with singer Julie Scott Tarts, cakes and pies and a Willy Wortel/ Gyro Gearloose dinner/ Around Eastern:location theater behind Waterpartij, at dawn: LUISTERMEER , with breakfast


Bunkerexhibition #24, 'Implosion Chamber' by Evelina Domnitsch & Dmitry Gelfland

Bunkerexhibition #23, by  Topp & Dubio,

Bunker exhibition #22 , KUNU NINI SASA? Swahili for WHAT DOES IT SAY?, about incomprehensible language on art works with 5 shorts by Maureen Prins, Marieke van der Lippe, Mink Pinkster, Farah Rahman, Rayke Verhoeven and  500 letters by Jasper Rigole -

events: Gerard Holthuis extra screening of short films: Marsa Abu Galawa - DISCO OF FISH/ Workshop Sonology students/ www.Dramtune.com/ Natasja party with Tabass-co


Bunkerexhibition #21 Juan Manuel Giraldo, a view to the Rose garden, installation/  edited photographs and collages by Iris Dijke on music by Kees Tazelaar

Bunkerexhibition #20, Marian Smit, moving images, latex paintings and lamps in bunker, constellations by Dorien Meijsing & performance by Shireen, crisis folk.

Bunkerexhibition #19, Lobke Burgers, light and darkness / sense and nonsense in moving objects, Noa played opening

events: Ionesco's Chairs by toneelgroep Hans, www.hansvanhechten.nl and ceramics by Nicky Konings / Solar Cinema with  IFFTH / www.tabass-co.nl/ Subhadra Phatak/  www.dramtune.com:The JFK’s - José Vera Bello & Friends - SOLEYE & Les Moustaches/ Fietzerria, film with DJ Basura/  Dobbe en de Draak


Bunkerexhibition #18, War of the wolrlds, Orson Welles' radioplay in decor

Bunkerexhibition #17, Werc, 3 D animations on moving objects

Bunkerexhibition #16, David Galjaard, photographs, booklaunch Concresco


Sunday morning concert & brunch, i.c.w. Willemsvaart and Festival Classique/   La Dolce Vita -film/ Morgan a suitable case for treatment -film


Bunkerexhibition #15

Alleman (Everyman) - Bert Haanstra, 1964, Best Dutch documentary of the last century,  Het Bureau - J.J. Voskuil, 1996. fragment from the book to hear in a sofa, for Dutch speaking audiences only & Oh Oh Cherso, - RTL, 2010, episode from a popular reality soap with people from Duindorp, a neighbourhood in The Hague,  this one was only Dutch Spoken as well

2010 curated by Galerie West, www.galeriewest.nl/bunker

Bunkerexhibition #10, Berndnaut Smilde (BE)

Bunkerexhibition #11, Pattern of Power by Lotte Geeven,

Bunkerexhibition #12, Ward Denys (BE) & Denis Isaia (IT)

Bunkerexhibition #13, Marielle Buitendijk

Bunkerexhibition #14, Harold de Bree & Marcel van Eeden

2009 Bunkerexhibition #9, WILDGROEI by Marieke van Diepen & Annelinde de Jong

2008 Bunkerexhibition #8, I FOR ISOLATION # 2 by Sara Nuytemans

2007 Bunkerexhibition #7, Sencing Space by Pascale De Backere

2006 Bunkerexhibition #6, Antichambre by David Flipse & Andries Micke

2005 Bunkerexhibition #5, Liebling by Peter Kho Sien Khie with work by Ari Versluys en Anne Karin ten Bosch

2004 Bunkerexhibition #4, Laserinstallation by Raymond Deirkauf, video's by Isis Vrasdonk en photographs by Iris Dijke

2003 Bunkerexhibition #3, Nathalie Pravda, drawings & Lieveke op ten Berg, graphic work

Bunkerexhibition #2, Atlantic Light Wall by Andries  Micke with work by  Denis Oudendijk & Marcel Koene

2002 Bunkerexhibition #1, by Maureen Prins, Esther van Waalwijk en Katelijne  Arts


The murals, drawings, postcards and tiles in and around our accomodation are by Huibert van Dorp, www.hvandorp.nl


Waterkant Bunker Friend

Since 2002 we organise exhibitions in our WWII bunker with an emphasis on moving images.

Waterkant Bunker Friend: From € 50,- per year onwards, we will invite you and welcome you with a glass of Pro Secco on our openings, In collaboration with De Wereld van Den Haag Foundation,

NL39INGB0009696117, Den Haag KvK 27262814/ b.t.w. no NL 812713771B01

in pipeline:

Gil Scott Heron, Godfather of Rap (1949-2011) - one day festival


bunker exposities