more information/ reservation

For groups from 15 persons onwards it is necessary to make reservations.

We lay a table with flowers especially for you in our garden.


We always remain open for other guests.
We are open every day during the season 30/4 – 20/9 from 10AM till 9PM.
We do not take more than one group reservation at a time.

- At special request we can remain open till 11 pm -

You do not have to leave immediately, but by that time we start clearing and cleaning up.

On Sundays before 5PM, we do not take group reservations

We welcome you bringing your favourite musicians to your party, but they can play only unplugged and in consultation with us.

Because of our limited bad weather room-facilities we keep a maximum limit of approximately 80 persons per reservation.

During bad weather conditions, our guests will be seated under the roof before our accommodation, with a fire pot and electric heating.

Per reservation we keep a maximum of 8 children (up to age 12  we consider children)

We prefer you let us know what food you like and what not and how much you can spend, so our chefs will be able to compose a nice menu.

Because of logistics and aesthetics, we will take care of decorations: white linen and flowers on long tables, with sunny weather on the lawn, with bad weather on the terrace in front of and inside our large cabin.


Weekday reservation fee: € 50 + € 1 per person/ per hour

Weekend reservation fee: € 100 + € 1 p/p p/h


Estimate for drinks: € 5,- p/p p/h

Wine arrangements possible


Since a few years wedding ceremonies in The Netherlands can be held on different locations.

We are one of them.

Check www.denhaag.nl for details and prices.

Wedding Ceremony 2017:  € 400, -, on Saturdays € 600,- (ex. municipality fees and our regular reservation costs)


Floating Terrace:

weekdays € 100/ weekends € 150 + € 15 per hour, available for 12 people max 1000 kilo's, driven by an electromotor, self sailing, on your own risk, for rent after email reservation and guarantor of € 250, which will be discounted after your trip  + we need your ID, thanks