waterkant lunch high tea diner

From 15 people onwards:

Lunch menu



Soup, 3 sandwiches, cake chocolate:    € 17,50

Soup, rich salad, lentils or pasta, etc. with bread, sweet pie:  € 19,00


High Tea

€ 20,-

Includes: pot of tea, soup of the day, sandwiches with salmon, egg, cream cheese and cucumber, a hearty bite, scones with double cream and marmalade and chocolate.

Cake instead of chocolate? + € 2

(exclusive all other drinks)


from € 4,50 onwards, ask for our offers

Humus with raw vegetables, aioli, tzatziki, olives, bread, different nuts, frittata, crostini with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, eggplant, salmon wraps with cucumber and wasabi cream, quiches, pastries, cheeses, mini sandwiches, tortilla, etcetera


Buffet: from € 25 onwards

Please let us surprise you, indicate your likes and dislikes and we will prepare you a nice menu.

We serve different dishes at your table; your guests can help themselves.

Fish dishes, bread with various dips, salads, couscous, potato or pasta dishes, vegetables


BBQ: from € 35 onwards

A variety of fish and vegetables from the grill,

Accompanied by potatoes salad, green salad,

Bread and dips.


our guidelines & for more information/ reservation


children’s party

€ 110

Only weekdays and not on Bank holidays.


Pancakes with sugar, jam and syrup. Jugs of  lemonade for 10 children seated on a long table

Plus two rowing boats for one hour.

Birthday cake for approximately 10 children (with name written on the cake), +  € 40, -